Takedown Mahopac NY

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Norway Maple Tree Removal Mahopac NY

A Norway Maple Tree created a property hazard because as it grew toward the light source, extending over the house and deck. Smoothie’s Tree Service removed the Norway Maple Tree eliminating the threat of costly property damage.

Leaners and Overgrowth in Mahopac NY

These Poplar Trees were growing at a slanted angle. Because they were leaning, the property owners were concerned that they would cause damage to their neighbor’s property. Also, there were Maple Trees that had overgrown. They were not allowing sunlight to pass through to the ground, causing an overgrowth of moss to form.

Tree Topples into Lake Mahopac

Willow Tree Topples into Lake Mahopac

A willow tree toppled into Lake Mahopac.

Cabling Norway Maple

The property owners located on Lake Mahopac NY hired Smoothie’s Tree Service to assess several trees. Cabling Norway Maple The crotch for the two main leaders was weak. Cabling provides necessary support. We lightened the crown on a Red Oak and dead wooded several other trees. Essentially, we evaluated each tree for health and safety. …

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