Tree Hazards

These trees (Oak, Ash, and Maple) were growing between the power lines and eventually created a hazardous condition. Tree Hazards

Sugar Maple Removal

This Sugar Maple, located in Mahopac, NY was a family treasure. The tree historically provided shade for farming animals over 5 decades ago. This tree held a lot of sentimental value for the property owners. They were sad that it had to be removed. As a Sugar Maple ages, it typically hollows out on the …

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Sugar Maple Tree Removal

Sugar Maple Tree Removal Our most recent removal was a dying Sugar Maple that hung over the property owner’s home. Due to the size of this tree, the remnants had to be removed by a log truck. It’s important to have trees on your property inspected on a regular basis. Sugar Maple Tree Removal To learn …

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Maple and Black Cherry Tree Removal

On this property, the owner asked us to remove Maple and Black Cherry Trees that were hindering sunlight from coming through to the poolside area. Not only were the trees providing too much shade, but the overhanging limbs dropped leaves into the pool which could have starved the filtration system of water and cause the …

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Maple and Locust Tree Removal

On this property in West Harrison, there were several issues at play. The trees, which created a border between the property and a neighboring gas station, were hanging over sheds and fences, and the health of the larger tree was deteriorating. Overgrowth prevented sunlight from being filtered through. Our clients recognized the situation as being …

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