Hazardous Trees

hazardous treesMost of the time, we receive calls from concerned property owners to remove trees that may be decaying or pose a hazard to life and or property. For the most part, these are ‘inherited’ problems; Already well established trees are part of the deal when purchasing a home. We can only address these issues as they arise. However, we do have control over the types of trees we choose to plant for future generations.

Hazardous Trees

There are a few trees that grow readily, but pose many problems such as being prone to disease, pose risk to life and or property, are invasive of other planted species, and destroy structures that are underground such as sewer pipes. These species should be not be planted. If you have any of these on your property, an evaluation by a tree surgeon is highly recommended.

Disease-Prone Trees

  • Ash
  • Cherries
  • Crabapples
  • Oaks
  • Elms
  • Lombardy Poplars
  • Maples
  • Pines
  • Red Oaks

Structurally Unsound

  • Cottonwoods
  • Maples
  • Pears

Invasive Trees

  • Poplars
  • Maples
  • Willows

Damaging Roots

  • Bigtooth Aspen
  • Quaking Aspen
  • Silver Maple
  • Willows

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