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Storm Damage Tree Service

Storm Damage

Our expert arborists can safely and efficiently remove those unwanted tree limbs and damaged trees


The majority of property damage occurring during inclement weather is due to falling trees and limbs. Summer storms cause the soil to become saturated and may cause tree roots to fail. High winds weaken branches causing them to be torn free. In some cases, the combination of soil saturation mixed with high winds may cause the entire tree to fall, causing power outages, property damage, and even personal injury. Winter weather brings snow and ice; both of which place enormous strains upon the limbs of a tree.

We can’t control what Mother Nature brings, but we can take some preventative measures that will lessen potential hazards. The professional arborists at Smoothie’s Tree Service can fully inspect your trees for unobvious signs of decay and conduct a more detailed assessment, if needed.

Storm Damage Tree Service

Based on the outcome of an inspection, the professionals at Smoothie’s Tree Service may recommend appropriate treatments such as pruning, installation of supportive cables or braces, and even removal of the tree. You can trust Smoothie’s Tree Experts to¬† to handle your property and trees with the utmost care.

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